Ascorbol Injectable 50 ml. - B12

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Formula: each 1 mL

cyanocobalamin (B12)... 600 μg
hydrochloride of thiamine (B1)... 80 mg
menadione sodium bisulphite... 0.5 mg (vitamin C)
Ascorbic acid... 4.5 mg
phosphate disodium of riboflavin (B2). 1.7 mg
pyridoxine (B6) hydrochloride... 20 mg
NICOTINAMIDE (B3)....20 mg
vehicle c.b.p.... 1 mL

Presentations: 10 and 50 mL bottle.

Stimulating and restorative tonic of the general metabolism for breeding birds. Prepare bird to play its performance to the maximum.

Cocks: 1 mL every other day and 1 mL every 24 hours for five days prior to the exhibition. Stallions: 1 mL every four days and 1 mL daily work period. Breeding birds: 1 mL every four days and 1 mL every other day during the molting.

Via of Administration: Intramuscular.

keep is in a place fresh and dry, protected from the light solar direct. Kept out of the reach of children.
*Make sure to consult your Veterinarian before buying any medication.

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