Hierrox 200 100ml - Iron and Vitamin B12

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Hierrox 200 is an injectable solution of elemental iron, as poliglucopiranosil for the prevention of iron deficiency anemia in piglets and calves.

For use of the Veterinarian.

Each milliliter of finished product contains:
elemental iron as iron 200 mg
Vitamin B12 (Hydroxocobalamin) 20 micrograms
Excipient cbp 100 ml

Flexipack shatterproof plastic container with 100 ml.

Intramuscular deep.
. In piglets inject 1 ml (200 mg) on the third day old

In calves up to 3 months, apply 5 ml (preferably during the first week of life), repeating the dose between the fourth and sixth weeks; in adults apply 1 ml per 100 kg.

Inject intramuscularly careful follow aseptic conditions for injectable products. The formulation of Hierrox 200 has low toxicity. Piglets accidentally treated with 2-3 times the normal dose, show no signs of toxicity and develop normally. It is advisable to keep it in a cool, dry place, avoiding excessive and temperatures sunlight directly.

Indications: For the prevention and treatment of anemia deficiency or iron deficiency in cattle and pigs. For its fine preparation and low viscosity non-irritating, it absorbed quickly to full use.

The addition of vitamin B12 iron also provides the anti-anemic effect, benefits in energy metabolism by acting as a coenzyme hydroxocobalamin. The poliglucopiranosil iron has an excellent index biouptake as iron, causing an increase in hemoglobin levels at critical pig lifespans.

An additional advantage is that a single injection is like applying 2 to 1.

*Make sure to consult your Veterinarian before buying any medication.

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