Horse Power 1kg - Vitamins and Minerals

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Pot of 1 kg.

Oral, mixed with food or only (because it is highly palatable)

Mares, stallions, athletes: 1 measure = 25 g per day

Horses Walking: 1/2 measure = 13 g daily

Foals up to one year: 1/2 measure = 13 g daily

Drudgery: 1 measure = 25 g daily
Periodic deworming with Baymec Pasta is essential to improve the quality of life, performance and appearance of their horses.

Consult your veterinarian

Store in cool, dry place

for its magnificent formulation Horse Power is indicated for animals

• With high physical activity
• playing.
• Convalescent.
• Senile.
• from exposure.
• with manifestations of vitamínicominerales deficiencies.
• Either sex, age and physical condition.
• Ideal in periods of growth and development.
• in periods of stress, (competencies careers, job moderate to heavy, etc.)
• in addition, because levels of vitamins C, D and B complex can be used in recovery processes orthopedic operations or fractures.

New formula developed by Bayer.
Ideal for working horses and sport.
Help in the period of growth and development.
Prevents nutritional deficiencies at any stage of life of their horses
Reduces the presence of colic
contains prebiotic

Feeding the horses is different from cattle, which is handled in herds, because the horse has a very marked variation in feeding habits of horse riding.

The horse as man develops tastes and eating habits own way, so their specific nutritional requirements depend on factors such as your activity (work, pregnancy, lactation, reproduction period), physical and metabolic characteristics or environmental conditions such as heat, cold, humidity, and age; all these factors regulate their daily needs, energy, protein and minerals, therefore they need attention and care for its development.

The best start to a healthy life is good nutrition of the female during pregnancy, to thereby give the fetus the necessary elements for growth; Horse Power . during this stage compensates for the increased nutritional requirements of females, especially during the last 90 days of gestation and prepares them for a healthy and productive lactation.

Horse Power is a formulation highly palatable and digestible involved in the optimal growth of the colt, properly developing their muscles and bones, in addition to providing a glossy coat and prepare for a healthy horse, full of energy and vitality, whatever their activity (stallion breeding, work high performance, jumping, racing, charrreria, cargo, school, etc.).

What is Horse Power?

it is a balanced formula, consisting of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, fatty acids and prebiotics, recommended for all types of horses and in any stage of development. The formula of Horse Power was specially designed to meet the needs of minerals, amino acids and vitamins of horses, thinking about the fundamental importance it represents to have horses with a strong skeleton, well - structured, great vitality and a good quality of life, whatever is your business.

Why helps maintain daily health?

vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids are necessary for the smooth operation of activities (functions) physiological animal.

An imbalance of these elements deficiency or imbalance, alters the health status of the animal manifested in various organic problems reflected in the skin and hair, lack of development, reduction in reproductive rate, depression of the immune response, premature aging and increased inflammation.

supplements vitamin-mineral and essential fatty acids, Horse Power provide a better quality of life.

What makes Horse Power?

• Supple and prevent deficiencies in vitamins and minerals.
• Improves fur, hooves and skin of the equine, for their adequate levels of Zinc.
• Improving the quality of life of his horse as it contains metabolic antioxidants such as vitamins E, C, and Selenium.
• Balance polyunsaturated fatty acids that come to generate inflammatory prostaglandins.
• maintains proper metabolism because it contains vitamins, minerals and fatty acids.
• Improves the appearance in animals for exhibition.
• Provides balanced vitamin C content, D3, B complex B1 and B6, essential in the formation and maintenance of bone, cartilage and muscle tissue.
• Indicated in the growth of horses heavy breeds.
• Indicated in females during periods of pregnancy and lactation.

How horse Power works?

• horse Power manages the total balance of nutrition of horses.
• ingredients 100% bioavailable.
• It contains significant levels of vitamins, minerals, methionine, fatty acids and probiotics, which have specific functions in the body, such as

Vitamin A (Retinol) . Involved in the development, protection and regeneration of skin and mucous membranes; improves health, aid in the growth, fertility, in resistance to infections and parasitic infestations by producing antibodies in the functioning of the retina, in the growth of body and skeleton and in the regulation of carbohydrate, protein and fat metabolism.

Vitamin B1 (Thiamine) . Involved in the regulation of carbohydrate metabolism, important in normal function of the nervous tissue and myocardium, has protective effect on the gastrointestinal tract, maintains normal peristalsis, fat absorption , and enzyme activity.

Vitamin B2 (Riboflavin ) . It is a constituent of flavoproteins and is important for the transfer of hydrogen. Like other B vitamins, it acts as coenzyme and is involved in the metabolism of proteins, fats and nucleic acids.

Vitamin B6 (Nicotinamide) . Plays an important role as a coenzyme in the metabolism of proteins and carbohydrate metabolism for the breakdown of tryptophan and metabolism of various minerals.

Vitamin B12 (Cyanocobalamin) . It is required for normal hematopoiesis, for growth and various metabolic processes. In particular, this vitamin is essential for the metabolism of proteins and individual formation of amino acids. Vitamins B1, B6 and B12 are required in processes traumatic neuritis and regeneration.

Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) . It is involved in related processes of oxidation and reduction to transfer hydrogen. This is linked to adrenal hormones and vitamins B1 and E. Involved in the synthesis of steroid hormones and blood coagulation and increases the body 's resistance to infection and stress. It promotes the formation and functions of collagen (bone, cartilage, skin).

Vitamin D3 (Cholecalciferol) . Regulates the metabolism of calcium and phosphorus in particular promotes its absorption in the gut; regulates renal excretion, and exchange incorporation in the skeleton of calcium and phosphorus. Because it is synthesized in the skin it is considered a hormone. Its deficiency can lead to rickets in young horses and osteomalacia in adult animals.

Vitamin E (Tocopherol) . Regulates carbohydrate metabolism and creatinine, regulates muscle glycogen balance and metabolism; regulates the development and function of the gonads, prepares and protects during pregnancy, regulates hormone metabolism, stimulates the formation of antibodies (improved disease resistance) action antitoxic in cellular metabolism, mediates the prevention of hepatic necrosis and muscle degeneration. An important function of this vitamin is its antioxidant action as it not only helps the oxidation of phospholipids of the cell membrane, if not also to other substances such as vitamin A, carotenes and commission carbohydrate metabolism.

Biotin ( vitamin H) . It is regarded as a coenzyme in many reactions carboxylation; plays an important role in the synthesis of fatty acids, in gluconeogenesis and indirectly also in proteins. It is essential to maintain healthy hooves.

Folic Acid (B9) . Involved in a number of reactions, particularly in the metabolism of proteins and nucleic acids. Together with vitamins C and B12 is involved in the production of red blood cells and hemoglobin and antibody formation, which gives greater strength and oxygenation to high performance horses. Niacin (Vitamin Antipelágrica) . It is an essential part in the formation of coenzymes involved in vital metabolic reactions in all body cells. It is essential for the normal function of the skin and digestive organs. Its deficiency causes alterations in skin, mucous membranes and slows growth.

Pantothenic Acid . It is a constituent of coenzyme A essential in the synthesis and degradation of fats, it is essential for normal functioning of the skin, mucosae, for hair pigmentation and resistance to infections.

Methionine . It is an essential amino acid involved in protein synthesis and is the major limiting in their synthesis; produces both methyl groups as sulfur required for normal metabolism and acts as protector of liver functions.


Sulfur . Necessary for the synthesis of collagen (skin, fur, hooves, epithelial tissue, cellular structure.) Is a constituent of essential amino acids such as methionine, glutathione, cysteine, etc. maintains the flexibility of the cell wall and protects damage hydroxyl radicals, relieves stress, asthma, arthritis, inflammation inflammatory modulation, reduces environmental allergies, detoxifies the liver and tissues, reduces numbness of muscles, it helps the regulation of inflammatory processes and can heal the muscles, increases energy, state alert and peace of mind, improves the ability to concentrate, helps the production of choline in the liver, helps control the acidity in the stomach, promotes pancreatic insulin production, accelerates wound healing and increases circulation.

Calcium . It occurs in almost all organized tissues, in combination with phosphorus form calcium phosphate, which is compact and hard material of the teeth and bones. It is indispensable and constant concentration in the blood is critical for normal heart and normal function of nerves and muscles throb. Also it involved in many stages of blood coagulation and enzymatic processes. Its deficiency causes rickets and osteomalacia.

Cobalt . It is an essential part of vitamin B12, involved in the production of erythropoietin in the bone marrow. For the formation of red blood cells and blood oxygenation.

Cobre . It is an essential element for nutrition, as a component of various proteins. Involved in iron absorption, synthesis and maturation in RBCs.

Chlorine . Maintains acid - base balance in body fluids and blood transport contributes to carbon dioxide.

Phosphorus . It is a fundamental component of bone and is abundant in all tissues, participating in some way in almost all metabolic processes. Regulates the release of energy, transportation and facilitates the absorption of nutrients. Involved in the calcification of bones and teeth.

Iron . Its main functions are to transport oxygen and carbon dioxide, which is essential during periods of stress.

Iodo . Regulates growth and development of the organism and is part of the hormone thyroxine intervening in various processes such as conversion to vitamin A carotene in cholesterol synthesis necessary for hormone production.

Magnesium . It is required for the activity of many enzymes, especially those related to oxidative phosphorylation; involved in cellular respiration and also influence protein synthesis; It promotes nerve impulses and is involved in basal metabolism and secretion of thyroxine.

Manganese . It is found throughout the body, concentrated in mitochondria mainly in pituitary, liver, pancreas, kidney and bones. It is necessary for skeletal development, especially long bones, is involved in the synthesis of fatty acids.

Potassium . Involved in the release of energy and glycogen synthesis and essential protein in muscle work.

Selenium . Intimately associated with vitamin E in muscle function, is involved in growth and fertility, also it has anti - oxidant properties.

Sodium . It is the major cation of extracellular body fluids, it is also essential for the absorption of glucose and other nutrients transport. Involved in the transmission of nerve impulses in the smooth operation of kidney and fluid balance in the body.

Zinc . It is essential in small quantities for the body and constitutes many enzymes, participates with many other minerals in the proper functioning of the skin and optimal development of the coat, plays an important role in protein synthesis and cell division.

Fatty Acids essential:

fatty acids influence the stability of cell membranes in vasodilation and vasoconstriction (blood pressure), muscle contraction and myocardial, gastric acid secretion, regulation of body temperature regulation of blood coagulation, process control . inflammatory processes of immunological homeostasis and transport of fat - soluble vitamins Horse Power contains a proper balance of Omega 3 and Omega 6 which help regulate inflammatory processes such as arthritis, synovitis and others; its constant administration favors the rapid recovery of the animals subjected to traumatic events, especially the joints.

Why prebiotics (yeast cultures) Horse Power?

Yeast cultures improve feed digestibility and optimize nutrient absorption due to promote microbial flora in the small and large intestines, so they are called prebiotic; also they encourage the availability of nutrients needed for good quality of life for lactation and reproduction. The formulation of Horse Power contains a balance of yeast cultures ensuring their ongoing management using all the benefits that prebiotics offer to maintain optimum digestion and maximum utilization of nutrients.

*Make sure to consult your Veterinarian before buying any medication.

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