Neguvon Polvo - Trichlorfon 15gms.

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Neguvon powder is an organophosphate that kills insects and parasites both ingestion and contact to penetrate through the cuticle of them.

Neguvon powder administered to animals orally, it quickly moves into the blood, where it remains long enough to annihilate the most varied and common parasites that feed on body fluids (blood, lymph, serum, exudates, etc.) or have contact with them (eg screwworm larvae, worms nose sheep, worms in intestines, etc.).

in external application, Neguvon powder through the skin and enters the body fluids simultaneously exerting action ectoparasites outside (contact) and from inside through the blood, lymph, etc. (by ingestion).

The maximum concentration of Neguvon dust in the blood, skin and other body occurs at two or three hours after application, with which the parasite is annihilated.

Twenty - four hours after treatment, and only a fraction of the active substance in the body, which disappear within the next few hours. persists for exclusive use of the Veterinarian.

Trichlorfon 90%.
About 15 g.
Special Tip:
Preventive treatment of calves through "Small Multiple dose" of Neguvon powder is highly beneficial, since by means of this technique, calves protected against the damaging attack worms are raised, preserving the mechanism of creating resistance . natural body against these.

Instructions for use and dosage:
Administer orally, starting at the age of 6 to 8 weeks, every 15 days the dose of 2.5 g of Neguvon powder . in food

the dose of 2.5 g of Neguvon powder unchanged until the end of this treatment at the age of 5 to 6 months. Bred calves and development and will show a much greater weight than untreated.

Sheep and goats
External use.

Techniques administration:
Well mixed with food. The homogeneous mixture is essential; after fasting the night before, all animals must have simultaneous access to feeders.

Provide 5 g of Neguvon powder per 100 kg of body weight of all the barnyard animals. Dissolved in the total amount equivalent to a day of drinking water.

The needs are calculated with 8 lt. of water for every 100 kg of body weight, leaving animals without water overnight before.

Provide 8 g of Neguvon powder per 10 lt. drinking water, perfectly well dissolved.

In the case of treatment of worm nose sheep use it is recommended Baymec Prolong applying it in areas where there is little wool, for example, on the arm, back elbow: 0.5 ml / 25 kg *Make sure to consult your Veterinarian before buying any medication.

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