1. Bovitraz - (Amitraz) 100 ml.
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    Bovitraz - (Amitraz) 100 ml.

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    Bovitraz is indicated as garrapaticida, sarnicida and piojicida for pigs, bovines, sheep and goats, canines for use in sprinkling and in dip bath.

    (amitraz) is indicated for treatment of generalized demodicosis (Demodex canis) in dogs. Current data do not support use for treatment of localized demodicosis or scabies.

    Formula: 12.5% Amitraz.

    Presentation: Bottles of 100 ml

    Via of administration: Topical.

    Bovitraz Water

    20 ml 10 lt
    30 ml 15 lt
    40 ml 20 lt
    50 ml 25 lt
    100 ml 50 lt

    Dilute Bovitraz at the rate of 2 ml per liter of water, bathing or spraying twice a week for up to 7 weeks (if necessary). It is recommended not to rinse and leave the dog in a ventilated place, SUNLESS and able to move (large cage) or walk outdoors for 15 - 30 minutes and then dry (if necessary).

    Breeds chihuahua, "toys", collies and shepherds are very susceptible to Amitraz, DO NOT USE Bovitraz IN THESE BREEDS.

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