Vertriderm Shampoo 350 ml - chlorhexidine

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Pharmacological action:

Antiseptic agent. chlorhexidine is active against vegetative forms of gram-negative and gram-positive bacteria and yeasts, dermatophytes and lipophilic viruses.
This medicine has effect for bacterial spores only at elevated temperatures. It cleans and disinfects the skin without causing damage.

Why is Vetriderm Shampoo Antiseptico prescribed?

For local use: trichomonas coleitis, cervical erosion, itching of the vulva, prevention of sexually transmitted diseases (including gonorrhea, syphilis, trichomoniasis, chlamydia, ureaplasmosis); gingivitis, stomatitis, aphthae, paradont, alveolitis, disinfection of removable dentures, sore throat; postoperative care for patients in ENT and dentistry.

Treatment of wounds, burn wounds and surfaces, disinfection of the patient's skin.

Treatment of surgeons', nurses' hands and operating field before diagnostic manipulation operation.
Disinfection of work surfaces of devices (including thermometers) and equipment which heat treatment is not desirable.

Dosage and administration:

The dose and method of application depend on the testimony and dosage form of chlorhexidine.
Use only locally. 0,5% alcohol or 1% aqueous solution for 2-5 min is applied to the corresponding surface. In dentistry solution for mouthwash and gel are prescribed 2-3 times a day.

Vetriderm Shampoo Antiseptico side effects:

Perhaps allergic reaction. Dry and itchy skin, dermatitis, stickiness of hands for 3-5 min, stained teeth, the deposition of tartar, breach of taste (in the treatment of gingivitis).


Hypersensitivity to chlorhexidine, dermatitis, allergic reactions.

Special instructions:

Remains active in the presence of impurities of blood and organic matter.
Should not enter the chlorhexidine in the eye (except for special dosage form prescribed for washing the eye), as well as contact with the meninges and the auditory nerve.
Avoid using with iodine preparations.

Vetriderm Shampoo Antiseptico drug interactions:

chlorhexidine is incompatible with the soap, and detergents containing anionic group (saponins, sodium lauryl sulfate, sodium carboxymethyl cellulose).
This medicine is compatible with any medication containing cationic group (cetrimonium bromide, benzalkonium chloride).

*Make sure to consult your Veterinarian before buying any medication

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