Drontal Puppy - Febantel and Pyrantel Pamoate 20 ml.

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Drontal puppy is a nematicide suspension broad spectrum, containing a combination of two active principles Febantel and Pyrantel Pamoate.

This formulation has the following benefits:

1 spectrum action including roundworms, hookworms and whipworms
2 High efficiency due to the synergistic action between febantel and pyrantel.
3 single dose per treatment.
4 pleasant flavor that allows administration directly into the animal's mouth or manage it with food.
5. Excellent tolerance

Drontal puppy has a broad spectrum of action nematicide attacks caused by infestations main species of canine worms due to the synergistic effect of the two active ingredients. The spectrum of action includes the main most important nematodes in dogs puppies.

Ascarids: Toxocara canis and leonine Toxascaris hookworms: Ancylostoma caninum Hookworm stenocephala and whipworms: Trichuris vulpis

Use Only Veterinarian.

Each ml contains:
Pyrantel pamoate
(equivalent to 5 mg pyrantel Base) 14.4 mg febantel ....... 15 mg
Excipients qs .. 1 ml

Plastic container with 20 ml of suspension

Drontal puppy is administered in a single dose (not required several days of treatment).
The suspension is applied by direct orally in the mouth of the puppy with a graduated or food syringe.
It is necessary to implement special dietary measures,
or restrict food before or after treatment.

Administer 1 ml per kg body weight, via


Drontal puppy is indicated in the treatment of intestinal worm infections of puppies and young dogs of all breeds, both female and male.

It is recommended to implement a strategic deworming program beginning at 2 weeks of age. A deworming is performed by administering a treatment every 15 days from 2 weeks of age and up to 3 months, continuing a monthly treatment of 3 to 6 months and repeat the deworming every three months.
Not found or adverse side effects treatments Drontal puppy.

It is recommended not to administer Drontal puppy conjunction with piperazine compounds as the effectiveness may be diminished.

Keep out of reach of children.

Keep it in a dry and fresh place.

*Make sure to consult your Veterinarian before buying any medication.

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