FlohSin Flea Powder - Natil-n-methylcarbamat 100 GMS.

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Species (s): Birds, Canines, Felines FORMULA: Each 100 g contains: 1-Natil-n-methylcarbamate 4 g Excipient qs 100 g WHY CHOOSE FlohSin flea powder? Easy application in the fur and feathers of animals. 2. Application indicated in birds and cats. 3. Microlizado powder for easy distribution. 4. It can be used on beds, nests or places frequented by the animals. 5. Useful in treatments to control ectoparasites of companion animals. HOW IT WORKS? Primarily it affects the central nervous system in the nerve synapse. Presents its toxic action by blocking important enzymes called cholinesterases nervous system. During synapse momentum is transmitted by acetylcholine, which is destroyed by cholinesterase, thus the synapse can be canceled for another transmission. WHEN TO USE IT? INDICATIONS: ectoparasiticide broad spectrum effective in the prevention and control of external parasites such as: fleas, lice, bedbugs, ticks and red mite, canine, feline, poultry and other domestic animals. HOW SHOULD I APPLY IT? Sprinkle on the hair, rub to penetrate the skin to achieve. In birds sprinkle below the wings and cloaca. In both cases sprinkle the bed, nests or frequent places of animals to prevent reinfestation. ABOUT FLOHSIN FLEA POWDER: Often during his lifetime, pets have discomfort caused by external parasites such as fleas, ticks or mites on the skin or ears. Bites or stings from these parasites can be extremely irritating to your pet and cause serious skin problems or even carry disease. Fleas can transmit a number of diseases to humans. The flea is a parasite found in humans and other warm-blooded animals (dogs, cats, rats, squirrels) who often act as vehicles for transmission of certain diseases when they bite people to feed on their blood. As treatment for the control and eradication of these parasites a series of products, which together affect the life cycle of the parasites is recommended. *Make sure to consult your Veterinarian before buying any medication.

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