VITA+DUNKEL 100 ml - extract of liver synthetic & Vitamins

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cattle, dogs, goats, horses, cats, sheep, pigs.

OTHER PRESENTATIONS: Bottles of 50 mL, 100 mL and 250 mL. Box with 10 bottles of 10 mL.

Each 100 mL contains:
extract of liver synthetic 100 U.I.
vitamin B1 (thiamine),
vitamin B2 (riboflavin) 5 g
vitamin B3 (NICOTINAMIDE) 0.5 g
vitamin B6 (pyridoxine) 10 g 0.5 g
vitamin B12 (cyanocobalamin) 3,000 μg
D-panthenol 5 g
vehicle cbp 100 Ml.


vita Dunkel prevents and reconstitutes deficiencies vitamin of the complex B in all the species animals. 2. vita Dunkel is a tonic hematopoietic that stimulates the appetite. 3 vita Dunkel provides elements for the formation of red blood cells. 4 vita Dunkel is an invigorating which shortens the duration of convalescence. 5. vita Dunkel keeps to those animals in good condition physical during the period production and the training.


Vitamins are a group of substances of different chemical composition, and can be defined as organic substances to be included in small quantities in food to enable the synthesis in the tissues that are essential for many metabolic reactions. Most acts as a metabolic catalyst, usually as coenzymes.


INDICATIONS: Vita Dunkel should be given to the prevention of deficiencies of vitamin B complex in all animal species. Acts as a vitamin supplement, hemapoyetico, antianemic and anti-neuritic. IN all the species: 1. stimulating of the appetite.
2. useful for animals weak, convalescent and tired by excess of work.
3. auxiliary after treatments antiparasitic.
4. adjuvant into animals with retarded growth.
5. in the preparation of animals for exhibition and competition, improving the appearance overall.
6. essential in females with numerous offspring and animals of high production of milk and meat.

DOSE: bovines: 10-20 mL, equine: 10-30 mL, pigs: 5-7 mL, sheep and goats: 3-5 mL, dogs: 1-5 mL, cats 0.5-2 mL.

ROUTE of Administration: Intramuscular deep.


Between them complex vitamin necessary for the good operation organic in mammals and birds is are the complex B, whose absence in the tissues is reason of alterations severe in the matabolismo body. The Group of vitamins of the complex B in the body is of vital importance by what their deficiencies are very significant, giving place to delay in the growth, weakness, incoordination muscle, disorders nervous, anemia, alterations eye, irritation, keratitis, dermatitis, depigmentation of hair, wasting, decrease of the production and disorders reproductive. If the vitamins of the complex B not are managed through them food, should be complemented with the use of extract of liver vitamin-enriched. *Make sure to consult your Veterinarian before buying any medication.

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